Brief history of coffee.

The information relates to the last decade for which routine data collection work has been done, 1996-2006.


The coffee chain, in Haiti, shows a continuing decline in production. This fall was switched on over a period of 50 years. According to estimates of the international organization of coffee (ICO), for the year 2006 production of Haiti is at 46,200,000 pounds against 56,628,000 pounds in 1996 and represents approximately 0.2% of the world production valued at 15,992,846,760 pounds. There are no more statistics after 2006.


And today, 20 years later, it is painful to move figures as dismal as 1500 pounds of gourmet annually for Fond Jean Noël coffee when this population provided alone, nearly 3% of the national coffee production.

  • Adopt a seedling of coffee means participate in sustainable reforestation;

  • Adopt a seedling of coffee means create a permanent nursery enabling a constant growth of the fields at all time and against all odds;

  • Adopt a seedling of coffee means helping peasant families to regain their dignity;

  • Adopt a seedling of coffee means help create employment in various fields related to the coffee crops and gourmet by-products like the transformation of coffee into liquor, candies, pageantry craft as in the creation of jewelry made with coffee beans (a way to raise the value of the production, especially the rejected beans after selection for export) and other natural elements; all of this in the perspective of having additional goods to offer to the flow of tourists/visitors;

  • Adopt a seedling of coffee means help protect health because it has been revealed that the coffee consumption can be beneficial in many clinical cases and even the consumption of coffee bean infusions  may slow down the degeneration of human vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and pancreas.

We take the challenge of making an attempt to replant the 600 hectares, to support the farmers in achieving successful coffee growth sustainably, by assisting in the processing and the marketing. Our commitment is to ensure that a percentage of the income generated be re-invested into social services and youth development such as school programs, health centers, clean drinking water, cultural centers and sports fields, to name among others, to positively improve the needs of the local community.

This is a large and ambitious project, which is why we have chosen Fond Jean Noel as a pilot emphasizing the objective of planting coffee seedlings over 600 hectares of land ready to be planted. This area is where the project has started and will continue to develop between now and 2018.

Adopting a seedling is to actively participate in the restocking of the coffee lands with a dual purpose:

  • Protect and maintain the ecosystem while promoting the ongoing actions to maintain a stable microclimate.

  • Another benefit of this project is to assist the farming families to regain their financial balance within the context and reach the level of sustainable development.

The project is challenging and exciting and the proceeds benefit assistance to the communities, to their coffee growing tradition and provide economic continued stability.      

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